Whos buying RV Parks?

Hi group. Has anyone made the switch to RV parks? I’m coming across a ton of RV parks that have stable long term tenants and double digit cap rates. I didn’t realize that many of these RV renters actually sign year leases.

Is anyone in here buying RV parks? I would love to connect.

RV Parks are the new MHP. Much easier to get zoning. No MHP stigma, yet many of the tenants are long term. It costs $3000 to move a mobile home. You just hook up your RV to your truck and move on, or store seasonally.

I’m absolutely looking to buy some rv parks around Louisiana/Mississippi area. Any size

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I tried to call you. Please give me a shout back when you can, 985-856-4095. My name is Channing. Thank you

I am aware of a couple of RV parks in the Colorado mountains. One I have listed, two are off-market deals. Not in the ski areas, but in core adventure areas with all the hiking, rafting, hot springs outdoor Colorado activities. Hit me up privately if interested.

Hi Brian ,
Where are the RV parks in Colorado ? I am interested in investing here .
Maria Reinertson

Dominic, I’m working w a number of investors and RV Park owners in Texas. Contact me if you’d like to discuss the market down here. David Dunaway 972-679-9845 ddunaway@kwcommercial.com

We’ve added a few long-term RV parks to our portfolio in the last year. Pro’s are you can get them at higher cap rates and are much easier to infill. But just as its easier to move them in, its easier for them to move out…so your turnover is much higher and they can not pay rent and move out just before eviction.

We prefer MHPs over RV Parks as they’re much more stable, but wont turn away from the right double digit cap RVP with upside.

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Hi I saw that you may have some leads on RV parks. Please reach out to me at milestonehomescorp@gmail.com

RV parks generally more management intensive and risk of theft by onsite manager. I think converting to park models with longer term leases reduces turnover and management time

Hello, I would love to learn about the RV park opportunity. We own some MHP here in NC and would like to get into RV park as well. Thanks