I’m rather new at owning a Mobile home park. We are trying to fill up the empty spots in the park and I was wondering how you go about buying homes at wholesale prices? We have bought a couple homes in the last six months thru realitors and I don’t believe it was the most cost effective approach. Any information that I could get would be great. My park is in the state of WA.



I was just on Vanderbilts debt recovery - repo web site at www. vmfrepos.com and they have 27 homes available in your state. Try Greentree Lending also. Hope this helps

Rick Ewens

I’m sure Steve_WA will chime in soon on this one. If anyone knows how to locate wholesale homes in Washington, it’s him.



Your teleseminar was fantastic to say the least. Thanks for all the info and especially your time for those new to the MHP adventure. Where do you get most of your repo homes, if you want to share, and what are your parameters? All double wide, 95 and newer, 3/2, or are there more? Thanks again.

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Eric Anderson

uh, I can help you! Where’s your park?

Give me a call so’s we can work this out it may not need to be published to everybody: