Wholesale Deal?

I’m in contract on a community in a great market. The property is older, has a lot of deferred maintenance, and numerious park owned homes. As such I was able to negotiate a very favorable price, especially considering the rents are over $100 below market and this truly is a five star location. I’ve been discussing the possibility of wholesaling the property as I’m not sure I want to invest the capital needed for the costs in turning around the park. I’m wondering if those that have done wholesale deals or collaborative deals before could offer some guidelines as to an appropriate fee or structure that might be fair to both parties? Thanks in advance.

We are looking for another park right now. If you want to contact me, I’d be interested in talking about the deal and a reasonable assignment fee.


Hi Rick,

I am looking for MHPs with 5 star locations. Let me get in the line too. bridgeandbaseball@gmail.com

I am interested too - thepiercegroup@verizon.net. Thank you.

I am also interested and can pay an assignment fee....savianom@yahoo.com

We are interested, and pay referral fees and/or are open to partnering if you wish to retain an ownership stake and be mentored by us. We closed two partnership deals just last week.



Please notice ALL the investors wanting a piece of the action!!! For those wanting to sell it is a GREAT TIME!!! We have seen it before where the herd mentality can be pushing so hard to find that next park that we have seen nasty bidding wars. For some new investors without lots of funds MAYBE the best route is looking for parks where you can charge a fee for a referral and in the mean time increase you future down payment. Rick, I would be glad to help 918-314-4574 and discuss parks in general with 40 years of experience.