Who Pays For Exterminator?

Tenant rented a park owned home in my community 3-4 months ago and notified me that she saw first signs of mice this past Friday. Who is responsible for paying for the exterminator the landlord or the tenant in this situation? Second question, regardless of who is responsible for paying for the exterminator what would you as the landlord do?

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Landlord is responsible for park owned homes.
I would investigate, probably set out poison and traps myself, before calling in a exterminator.
Many people over react to seeing a single mouse.

Outdoor bait stations have worked well for me.

Landlord should be responsible for an exterminator. My opinion is if you see one mouse you have ten others running around. Lot of tenants don’t care and those lil guys can do a lot of damage over the long haul. Best investment is to get them gone professionally. Just my opinion though. Good luck.

big mistake is not setting off bombs UNDER the home.

The rental lease should specify who is responsible