Who needs infill of their Lots in NC

Hello there, are you a park owner in NC looking to have their park infilled? we come across nice used homes a lot here in NC and we have our movers ready to transport it to your park, we can help with heavy infill which will in turn make you money and increase value of your park



We have 46 lots in Goldsboro that we are in the process of filling and would like to have a discussion.

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I have a 42 unit park in Scotland Neck with 10 vacancies and there is strong rental demand here.
Mark R

Hello, I got your email, we can discuss more further, what’s a good number to reach you on? My email is khalid@triadmobilehomes.com

We have a small park in the Elizabeth City area. Looking for homes.

Khalid, You unfill [re:poach] out of one Park and log on here looking for customers to infill, correct? Quite a business plan. Musical chairs but with MH,s.

no we do not move homes out of peoples parks unless park wants it gone, most of homes we move are on private lots but thanks for trying

Ive evicted several tenants who then went online searching to find a reseller [poacher] and I had no knowledge of the sale let alone approved it. It happens. Nobody likes empty lots.