Who is typically responsible for sewer line repairs (lateral lines from homes connecting to main lines)

I checked lots of posts but did not find this answer.

Currently, we say in our contracts that the sewer line from the trailer to the main line is tenants (TOH’s) responsibility as that is what I thought most parks do.

However, I want to be sure I am not doing something that’s unusual. We have a few tenants that say they cant afford to fix the sewer leak on their property and it’s been going on for weeks now, so our only choice may be to evict. Just not sure what most would do here in this case.

Our rules all differentiate above (tenant) vs below ground (park). I can’t tell from your post where the leak is. When its tenant caused below ground (flushing wipes, grease, toys) it gets billed back. You don’t want sewage leaking all over the place while you wait to evict

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Sounds like you are talking about a blocked pipe, not a broken one.

In one case, I believe the leak is right next to the trailer. In the other case it is probably in the middle of the lateral line

I’m not sure if water or sewer is being discussed here.

Water above the ground is tenants, below ground, landlord. Or to the meter, if there’s a meter.

Sewer depends on what it is. If the line breaks or there’s a clog, that’s the landlord. If someone flushes a diaper, and it gets stuck in the lateral, then it becomes the responsibility of the tenant who flushed the diaper.

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If the lateral clogs, sure that’s the tenant because they clogged it.

But it is unclear when you say “If the line breaks or there’s a clog,”

sure that’s true for the mainline, but not clear for lateral line sewer break.

In one case, the sewer line is broken on the side of the trailer even.

More opinions of where people define sewer line breakage responsibility points?

When a sewer line breaks, it would be hard to say that’s the tenants responsibility to fix. Unless you can show that it was due to a tenant breaking the rules in some way. The tenant’s responsibility for these items has more to do with negligence on their part, and location of the problem is merely a guide.

For clogs, it would depend on what clogged the line. If it was due to the tenant doing something against the rules, and it’s in the lateral, then I can go to that person and show that it could only be them that did it and it’s against the rules. If it was because of tree roots, then its your responsibility as a landlord.

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Thanks Charles. Those are some good ideas.

Are there other opinions here on this?

I am vaguely recalling some large park owners have other approaches, but I could be wrong.

In one of our current cases, its where the pipe comes out of the home and hits the first corner–even less clear in this case.

my rules a clear, flushing anything other than human waste and reasonable amount of toilet paper causing a plug is the tenants responsibility and they should call roto rooter. Roto Rooter can determine the cause and provide proof if asked. If it turns out to be a break or defect in my underground piping then I will pick up the bill. The local roto rooter franchisee told me " feminine hygiene products and baby wipes keep him in business" He said these things get left behind as the water flows away and recommends a second flush. I have a pumping station, we find everything including diapers, rags, hypodermic needles, etc. all of which get handled by my grinder pumps. They are pretty amazing.

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What about a tenant that moved into a trailer that had been bypassed and left on the old septic system instead of being tied into city sewer. Neither you nor they knew and purchased home as is. Who accepts responsibility to tie that tenant in