Who is the owner?

How to find the park owner if the park managed by a property management company or a manager?

You can start with the county GIS system. Find your parcel and usually ownership information is listed. If it is in the name of an LLC, etc. most states will have a website to look up who owns the LLC. If all else fails find a nearby business (gas station, tavern) and ask them if they know who owns the park. I’ve visited local businesses many times with good success. Some will even tell me where the owner lives or give me their phone number.

Tax Assessor’s office or website will give you the “owners name” and mailing address. If it is a corporation, the Secretary of State business records will give you the registered agent and officers names.

Use that info and do a local white pages search of online phone directories, also use Angie’s list for the same.If only a registered agent, call them and ask them to forward a message.

In the states that license communities, the licensing agency has owner information. In some states they have it published on their websites.

@erikhanson thank you for great advises. It is great ideas to ask business owners next to the park.

@jd585 Thank you for the info.

@RishelConsultingGroup I was not aware about it. Thank you.