Who is going to Orlando Boot Camp?

Just curious and wanted to see if anyone was having dinner/networking?

I’ll be there.

I eat dinner with the entire group (whoever wants to go) every night that we’re there. If you’re looking for dinner company, count me in. We also have an after-dinner presentation each night, which goes on for about an hour or so, back in the classroom.

I went to the orlando boot camp three years ago. Frank gives you full access the entire time. Its a great deal plus all the forms and leases that you have access to. Basically you are set up in your new business if you read everything and apply it. You wil have fun listening to Frank tell you about the crazy residents. I have three parks now with similar stories lol.

I will be attending.  Looking forward to it!

Just arrived at the Hyatt.  Anyone else here?

I’m thinking about going to Vegas, does everyone stay at the same hotel?