Who has a Step-by-Step action plan for expanding a park?

If a great resource already exists, please share.Looking for the following flow plan;(1) Steps to take with the city to zone or rezone land to be park use(2) Once land is approved for park use, in what format should expansion plan (layout for lots) be submitted to the city?(3) What format does the city typically accept? ie - PDF, etc(4) How formalized does the plan typically need to be? ie - does it need to be drawn like a survey & include any utility information?(5) How are city sewer & water expansion approved by the city? ie - is approval required prior to getting any contractor bids to build out?(6) After getting all necessary city approval, what are the best methods for getting contractor bids?(7) How many bids are recommended?(8) What is the turn-around time expected per 20 lots?(9) After build out, what are all the possible city approvals required before moving homes in?(10) Does the park permit need to be updated or anything else need to be updated after park expansion? ie - insurance/etc.Please suggest any alterations to this flow you see fit.~ Lets also assume that this is for a large metro area that requires all approvals.Thank you forum!