Which should I do first?

Hi @frankrolfe I’m going to the boot camp in Orlando at the end of this month. It will be great to meet you guys in person! It’s probably not a big deal but would you recommend I listen to all of the CD’s that came with the boot camp package “before” or “after” going to the boot camp or does it really not matter either way? I know everyone absorbs knowledge differently, just wasn’t sure if you recommended one way over the other. Anyone else on this forum please feel free to chime in as well.

Before, definitely before. Recordings are great but there are some outdated parts.

Thanks @Coach62! Looks like I’ve got some cramming to do, LOL

I can see the merit of doing it before. That way if you have questions or need clarification about something, you can ask at boot camp. Wish I was going. Have a good trip.

Thanks @CashlsKing! I think that’s a good idea.