Wheres the best place to sell MH note

where is the best place to sell a small mobile home note. it is for $5500 and i just want to sell part of the monthly payment. thanks



I would put a post on the MHU Forum and Connections page with all of the details and what you want for the note. There are several note buyers that frequent the MHU website and would probably be interested in purchasing your note.


I purchase real estate notes. I may be interested in buying all or part of your small MH note. You may go to my website and post the info that I need: www.lcfund.com.

Or, feel free to call me to just talk about it if you like: 801-735-2391

Tell me either:

  1. How much money you need and I will tell you how much of the note I will need in return.


  1. How much of the note you want to give up and I’ll tell you how much money I can pay for that part of the note.