Where would you go if you were me?


I am looking to purchase a mhp in the next six months. I have been doing Lonnie deals up in Canada for the last couple years and have decided to go south to where the real deals are. I am having some trouble deciphering the facts on deals when I look at the mobile home parks for sale website. I am totally mobile and willing to move anywhere. I would just like to get the very best deal for my money. Please excuse the ignorance, but I am still a bit confused over how big of a park I should purchase. Obviously the rate of return is the most important to me and I don’t mind doing some work. I have done lonnie deals in the past and I wouldn’t mind doing them in my own park, so park owned mobiles aren’t a huge concern. Basically, I have about 400,000 dollars and I am looking for an amazing deal. If you have some suggestions for deals or my next course of action, please contact me. I am ready to purchase a park very soon.

So, if you were me, where would you be looking and in what price range (I am still unclear as to how much I should finance)?

Thanks in advance,

David Kopp