Where to place ad

I had a tenant abandon her home, so I’ve cleaned it up and want to place a sale ad in the town newspaper. It’s a nice, large, 3B/2Ba home. I have three categories in which to list it, both in the paper and on the paper’s web site:

  1. Manufactured homes for rent

  2. Manufactured homes for sale.

  3. Houses for rent.

  4. Houses for sale.

My ad touts the advantages of ownership over renting, so I’m tempted to put it in #1 in the hopes of changing a would-be renter’s mind into becoming an owner instead. But, I’m open to suggestions. Where would you put it?


Your instinct was right - definitely in #1. The main reason that #1 is correct is that ads in #2 imply a strict credit check, which your customers will fail every time and don’t even bother applying for any more. But if you’re selling the home and carrying paper, be sure to understand the laws regarding the SAFE Act in your state. Renting is OK under SAFE, but selling and creating mortgages is not. Call your state mobile home association (MHA) to get all the rule for the SAFE Act.

Thanks for the warning about SAFE, Frank. After an hour’s research I found that Arizona is park-owner-friendly. Five or fewer sales per calendar year and I’m exempt from SAFE. Now, where’s my beer?