Where do I start?


I have come across what I think is a good deal, but I don’t know where to start… Its 20 minutes from one of the fastest growing destination resort towns on the west coast. The town has no mhp left. In fact they are making people move there excisting ones because land is so valuable. This is raw land with everything in place for 72 mh’s and a 28 space rv park…both big demand. this would only take half the land. then when done with first half could just do it over. total land is $1.3 mil. to develop half is$500k. Would be worth 4 million each half when done. Palm harbor homes has shown big interest. The thing would sell itself out quickly. I have never done this and do not know where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I would go to Mobile Home Millions. In three days your knowledge base will grow exponentially. Jim Clayton (owner of Clayton who sold his company to Warren Buffer for $1.8 million) will be at Mobile Home Millions for all 3 days. You might want to ask him a few questions during the weekend. :slight_smile: