Where do I get the physical note (California)

If I want to write a note to sell a single-wide in California, where does the actual note come from (The Form) and where do I file it to make it legal? Do I go to an escrow company and pay them to write the note?

While it is always wise to have an attorney review a document it is often less expensive then having them create one from scratch.

One suggestion would be for you to seek out the advice of a mobile home dealer in your area. Another might be to take a look at the note used for your car as this document has likely passed the scrutiny of the banks attorneys as well as countless repo’s and court proceedings. Adapting for mobile homes and then review by an attorney may be a decent start.


You can obtain any “form” that you need from the California Department of Housing. You can even download them online at http://www.hcd.ca.gov/forms.html.

Thank You parkmanager. That was exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Thanks Tony