Where can you buy new moblie homes to fill your park?

Looking to buy new homes to sell back to tenants anyone know where to get them at a good price?

click on the magnifying glass in the upper right of the screen and do a search.

Have you thought about a cash bonus at time of purchase (help with down payment) to keep you out of buying, holding and than trying to sell them??? We have found that it is more efficient to furnish money to help on a down payment then all the hassle of paperwork, insurance, skirting, electrical, decks and down time till we would actually receive pad rent and they actually see the real numbers from the retailers not some possible inflated park owner’s price. Looking for homes and if you as a park owner need financing takes time and money–push some numbers around!!

Good thinking, Carl. I stopped doing Lonnie deals as taught a long time ago and pre-Dodd Frank switched to just buying a note at closing without ever owning the home and having to pay lot rent or fix anything. I’d work with parks and FSBOs to market homes on terms (e.g. down pmt, interest rate) I’d accept and step in once a buyer was found. Less risk and more profit with very little work.