Where are all the 1990s Metal/Metal homes in NE Ohio?

Where are all the 1990s Metal/Metal homes in NE Ohio?

I see plenty of 70s - tail lights and all. and a few 2010s - but no meat and potatoes 1994 m/m homes. Seriously, I just cruised 10 parks up there - nothing — as in shockingly nothing.

Why did this huge wave of lending and set ups seemingly pass by the NE Ohio market? can someone shed some light on this?

I don’t know about Ohio, but when I was operating sales lots in the 90’s one issue we dealt with was that vinyl/shingle was a requirement for placement by many MHP’s during this time. Also, double wide were outselling SW’s by about 4:1.

Lastly, the Indiana homebuilders had largely quit offering MM homes by mid 90’s and the freight charges would have outweighed the home cost savings to truck homes up from AL or TN.

same in NW and North Central Ohio…for the most part metal and metal with peaked roofs are going to be late 80’s

after that, most parks were requiring vinyl shingle and most clients wanted it. especially after 1994 or so

when I had a dealership I sold exactly three metal and metals in 1989- 1990 and two of those have been retrofitted by the owner with vinyl/shingle. You may be seeing metal/metal homes that have been retrofitted. My rules and the rules of a lot of the parks I know say that any home not having vinyl’shingle must be update prior to sale or as part of the sale contract if it is to stay in the park,