When a tenant moves a home

Are there any ways park owners can prevent a home to be moved when the tenant owes $ to the park?

Park is in Texas. Any resources I could be pointed to would be helpful. My manager is not believing me, but I seem to remember very clearly reading that somewhere.

Thanks David,

Now my question is how to specifically stop the move if they owe.

You need to file a lien with the state. Once you have filed a lien if they try to remove the home you can call the police.



Thanks for your reply. Do you mean that when a tenant owes back rent that we should immediately file a lein on them?

I would file a lien within 30 days of the tenant not paying. If the home is being repo’d make sure and file a lien and also send notification to the finance company within 30 days. Send the correspondence to the finance company by certified mail.

Hi David H,

What was the name of that URL again? Google wasn’t able to locate it. Thanks for your help.


Edwin Bland


Try this: http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/mh/index.htm

Hope it works for you.


Follow the above advice, and to add to it, hire the “grandpa or grandma” of the park to STOP any moving truck coming into the park. I have never seen a home broken down and moved in under 3 hours, and if it is your property you have rights…