What would you do?

On Sunday morning, I attach a note to the door of a home stating their porch and yard must get cleaned up. Older home in poor condition, junk stacked all over the porch and yard, and by far the worst kept/yard home in that section of the park. Also right next to and across from my new, full concrete, pads to which I hope to attract people bringing in newer homes. Lo and behold, there is now a FOR SALE sign in the window.

The residents are holdovers from the previous owner and not the type of people or home I would let in now. They have caused me problems in the past but seem to have straightened out of late. However, they do pay their rent on time.

Should I write them another letter reminding them of the legal ramifications of a lease? I know where they work and can easily track them down. I am considering allowing them to get out of the lease only if they sell to someone who keeps the home in the community and is acceptable to me.




Wheat Hill