What would I miss leaving bootcamp early?

I’ll be attending the upcoming Orlando bootcamp, and have something I’d really like to be back for Sunday evening. To make it, I’d have to take a 3:26 flight out of Orlando. With additional time to get to the airport and such, I’d probably be leaving the bootcamp around 1:30ish. What is typically discussed in the latter half of Sunday at the bootcamp?


Sunday afternoon includes hiring and firing managers and other operational items. You’ll have the complete book of the power point and I am always available by phone if you have any questions on items you missed. Many people have to leave early on Sunday, so we deliberately wrote the course to cover the concepts that are the most easily grasped on Sunday afternoon. The most critical days for most people are Friday and Saturday, in which we go over how to find and evaluate parks. The bottom line is that you’ll be fine if you have to leave early on Sunday. But if you can make it to the end, that’s even better.