What Water Meters Do You Like And Why?

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We are about to install water meters. We are likely to purchase the Minol Minomess 130 Residential Water Meter:


We like the idea of the pulse counter (the digital read out) mounted on the side of the house for easy reading, while the tamper-proof analog meter remains in-line under the house and away from the cold as a backup to be read.

What do you use and why?

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I prefer Metron-Farnier Spectrum 30 Meter with the Innov8 Register.

They have a built in wireless transmitter sort of like a MasterMeter’s FAM Line.

The difference being is that these meters fit in a Meter Jacket thus making them

easier to insulate and keep from freezing.

Also, the only moving parts are the offset impeller. Otherwise the movements are

picked up by a sensor and not a magnet, thus making your low-flow loss numbers

almost non-existent.

All in all they are a great product.

Which one did you end up going with Jefferson? How did it work out?

Hi HarrisonKjellABT,
What price range did you get your meter setup for?