What to pay for during inspections of a park and homes

Hello This is my plan to pay for during inspections let me know what you feel is important.

  1. Inspecting stick built homes - full inspection.
  2. Camera main sewer lines
  3. Inspect utilities of vacant lots to make sure they can be brought online.
  4. Inspecting POH to make sure they are tied down correctly. I am handling the interior inspection of the park owned homes myself as these are all from the 80s and I am not putting much value on them. There are like 10 so for the cost of inspecting 10 I could probably replace 1.

Thoughts on anything I am missing?



I think this is pretty comprehensive. I’m assuming you’ve already done a preliminary analysis and UW on the deal, right? Further, before I spend money on inspections I always get the financials on the property first.

Assuming all that checks out, then you can move to spending $$ on DD. Also, have you checked the zoning? This property sounds like it has mix of structures, be sure zoned properly. Sometimes these things are grandfathered in, but NEVER assume. Local governments can be a pain to deal with, and with no guarantees you will get what you need.