What to do with evicted tenants personal items?

I’ve owned my park for over a year and a half and finally have had to evict someone. Actually the Sheriff is carrying it out as I type this. I’ve never been evicted and never evicted anyone so this is all new to me.

Shame on me for not looking into this further, I know. I did not realize that the sheriff would remove all the tenants personal property and put it by the curb. I am about 9 hours away from the park and my manager is only part time so I would like to get some advice on what the heck to do with the tenants personal items.

I thought about creating a Craigslist add saying people can just come and grab what they want, but that might not work out so well.

Another thought is to pay someone to move it into storage but that would really be a pain, especially since I won’t be owning the property for much longer. Any advice would be appreciated.

Make sure you are aren’t violating any eviction laws by not storing it and protecting it for the ex tenants. If you aren’t, and the ex tenants won’t pick it up, I’d just hire someone to take it to the local dump. There are probably plenty of handy men in the area with trucks that would gladly do it for a few bucks.

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@tmperrault thank you for that. Seems like a pretty easy approach. How much would you pay someone for a job like that?

I guess that depends on how much stuff needs to be moved. On top of the dump fees, which aren’t much, probably no more than a few hundred dollars. Your manager may know of someone. If not, you could probably find someone for hire on Craig’s list.

Awesome, thank you for the advice.

tenant landlord act (specific to MH if it exists) , should address process and protocol on this .

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Before you do anything access a copy of the landlord tenant regulations specific to the state the community is located in. As the owner/landlord you are responsible for knowing all the codes.
In your situation, since the sheriff placed the property on the curb, you are very likely not responsible for it.
Check the codes and call the sheriffs office for advice.

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@Greg thanks. I’m going to call the Sheriff soon and then probably pay someone to just move it. No biggie.

Thanks for the all tips guys.