What to do if a tornado destroys my MHP?

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As a MHP owner what is the best kind of insurance protection and arrangement of that insurance to help me cover my mobile homes and also rebuild after a tornado destroys the mobile homes and the infrastructure of my MHP? I currently have insurance for the infrastructure and POHs but I’m not sure if its adequate. Then there’s a huge concern about the tenant owned homes (TOHs) : the tenant homeowners don’t usually want to pay extra for wind insurance or any insurance for that matter. I’ve heard of MHP owners requiring tenants to show proof of wind insurance, but then what if they don’t continue to pay for the insurance? What then? My biggest fear is that a tornado destroys all the homes and my insurance won’t be able to cover all of the damages, and if it can there is a huge shortage of new mobile homes right now and infilling the park will take super long. I have Loss of Income coverage, but if the length of time it takes to infill the park is 2 or 3 years (or more), then that Loss of Income coverage won’t help past 1 year.

Any advice or tips would be super helpful.

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You need some kind of business interruption/business income coverage. It has to be triggered by a property loss to be activated but if you have some POH’s then that will most likely occur, obviously. BI coverage is an additional endorsement you can request and it usually covers 12 months, but you can see if they’ll quote up to 18. You will need good book keeping to prove your loss and not just bank statements.

You can put the requirement for wind insurance in your lease agreement. Part of the requirement is to list your park as additionally insured.

The Insurance company will then notify you if the coverage lapses or cancels.


The recent tornado pretty much destroyed a park in Ohio. I feel sorry for that park owner. I was told that the power and gas will not be turned on for possibly a couple of years. As we may see more of these types of events, it’s important that we factor in the risks associated with natural disasters when we underwrite and operate the parks.