What to charge the buyer?

When park owners install a new home in a community, are the buyers usually charged for gas and electric hook-ups or are those costs usually borne by the park owner? I understand that the cost to bring power to a pedestal outside the home is my problem, but what about from the pedestal into the home? As for gas, the utility paid everything up to hanging a meter, but what about the cost from the meter to the home? I am curious how other park owners handle this.



As a park owner, I’ve never paid for or known another park owner who pays for a resident to hook up gas or electric. Once my pedestal is installed and approved by the utility company, I am out.

In know in many cases the company requires a tenant put a deposit down - but that is totally their responsibility.

OK. Thanks. That is what I have been doing, but I just wanted to check and see what is the norm.