What should it cost on avg to replace sepitc for mobile home park 13 spots

Meeting with a septic man tomorrow to see what we can do with the current system installed in late 70’s for the trailer park I’m purchasing. Most likely will have to replace the tanks and run new leach fields or switch to an aerobic system. The park is only 13 trailers that are non-owned. Does anybody here have a park similar? What type of system do you have? Also I would like to know about how much on avg that something like this would cost. Are there any specific questions that you recommend that I should be asking the man. I have tried to search the internet but most of the information is as if it was just for one individual home. I’m new to this so I’m trying not to get F’d. Thanks for your comments.

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We did one two years ago for 12 units. It was about $5k for engineering and permits and quotes for install ran $80-120,000. Regular stone and pipe in New England. Just a data point, might be more or less where you are.

I’m in Texas but with the price of everything going up that is probably about what it would be. The current system is basically half the trailers flow to 3 big tanks at one end of the property then filter thru to the leach field and same for the other half. Is yours kind of like that or do you have individual tanks for each spot? I kind of like the idea of individual tanks so when I get a call because something is stopped up I know its from those specific people. No matter how many times you tell someone not to flush wipes they do it anyway. So for that reason I like that idea then bill those people directly instead of the whole park.

You’re probably a little nervous. Hope it all works out OK. Not 100% sure about Texas but I have heard there is sometimes Fed and Local low interest loans to help carry you through this if necessary. We have a program in Washington that helps. Something to look at.
Good luck

More tanks means bigger $$ up front and recurring. No sense in installing and pumping 13x 1,000 or 1,250 tanks just so you can catch a baby wipe flusher.

Can you provide an update from the septic guy visit?