What is your Tap Fee for City water/sewer to your Park?

Hey All, I’ve purchase my first 35 unit park almost 2 years ago, and just starting to understand/question somethings. Lot rent includes water and sewer and I get one bill for the One Main water meter from the City in Ohio. The bill includes the tap fee of $35 times the mulitplier of 35 units for a total of $1225 in fees I pay each month before even using a drop of the expensive water. Is this NORMAL??? How do other city bill for water/sewer? It is the aggreement that the previous owner/park builder entered into in the 1980s. Thanks in advance for you input.

We have to pay a one-time impact fee of $6,700 to connect a new home to public water/sewer in western NC.

After that each resident pays monthly utility fees as follows:

  • Water bill is $3.95 per 1,000 gallons used with a $21 minimum charge

  • Sewer bill is $2.65 per 1,000 gallons with a $13 minimum charge

Rates are set by and paid directly to the town operating the local public utility system.

Regarding $6,700 per home impact fee to connect to public water/sewer: Private water sub-meters, have no impact fees, and allow a MHP owner to passthrough all water/sewer expense to the tenants.

Regarding your question what is a normal per home water/sewer base fees with no water usage.

The “Base Fee” charges are a component in in the utility’s total revenue structure. Some municipal utilities charge higher per gallon of water , while others charge less per gallon, and include higher base fees.

Simple Economics, but not really:

  1. “Water Base Fees” make up for Non-revenue water consumption;

  2. Non-revenue water consumption is due to aging infrastructure (old meters and leaking pipes). Old meter do not capture / measure low flow water;

  3. New “Smart Meters” (like used in sub-metering) proactively identify wastes and leaks, ideally water consumption drops, resulting in the municipal utility increases the “Base Fees” to offset the loss of revenue (i.e., water conservation).

Municipal Agreements for utilities, we have been involved with “Legacy” agreements between municipalities and MHP owners. Typically, the agreement is the municipality installs individual meters to each home in exchange for charging each home additional fees (more than typical).

The problem arises when the municipality doesn’t maintain the meters, then no longer will read or bill all of the individual meters and attempts to forces the MHP owner to install (and pay for) a single master meter for the whole MHP. In your case, review the Agreement, what benefits did the property receive? then see if the municipality held up their end of the Agreement.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

I’m in Iowa. We have EO Month billing.

Water Bill:
$34.35 per unit +$0.00822 per gallon (no free gallons)

$35.68 per unit + $0.00809 per gallon (2k gallons free per billing period)

$9.00 per unit

Hope that helps in some way.

In my city, it costs $1250 per home to connect to city sewer (one time fee). Then the city bills the individual tenants based on their water usage. The minimum sewer charge is $128/unit which is billed by the tax collector 2x per year. I don’t pay anything since the city direct bills the water and sewer to the tenants. I rarely see anyone pay above the $128 twice per year for sewer.