What Is The Smallest Water Bill You've Ever Seen?

Friends -

I have one house in one of our communities that only seems to use about 450 gallons of water per month. It is a single man who says he does not wash his clothes much or bathe much…(!) Still, this seems like an unbelievably low amount of water for a single person to use. The meter on that house is probably 10+ years old, and we have no historical data on his usage as this park is a new acquisition. We’ll probably end up replacing the meter.

Still, I want to ask - what is the smallest water bill you’ve ever seen over a sustained period of time?



I once had an old woman who had a monthly usage of around 100 gallons. We tried to figure out how that was possible, and basically she flushed the toilet a couple times a day (60 gallons/mo.) and then drank 1/2 gallon a day (15 gallons) and the rest was probably taking a bath once in a while. You only see these type of low readings with elderly people, who probably trained themselves to use low amounts of water from an era when you had to pump it yourself.