What is the Park Owner's jurisdiction with respect to Tenant Owned Homes

Hi guys,
I’d like you guy’s feedback on what a park owner can or can’t enforce with residents of tenant owned homes. Here is my understanding so far. Please correct me if I’m wrong and add to the list as needed:

Park owner CAN enforce the following:

  1. Outside of the TOHs need to be kept clean and well maintained
  2. Yard should be clean and mowed and free of litter
  3. If the tenant does not have the money to repair their trailer then we can offer to repair it for them and bill them back in installments

Park owner CAN’T enforce the following:
1, Building add-ons to the trailers like awnings.
2. Tenant can/can’t run a business from inside their trailer
3. Inspecting the inside of the trailers to check the condition and ask to make repairs inside
4. Not allowing tenants to change the inner configuration of the rooms

Please feel free to add/update this list



You have a right to approve additions, porches, etc (and need to). Businesses as in your purview as well (home businesses must conform to local zoning, no retail shops, etc)

As park owners we can enforce the rules as long as they are reasonable (for the interest of community) and not against laws. It seems clear that you can enforce items 1 & 2. Re the items 3 & 4, I thought you could as long as they are in the rules and are necessitated by the reasons (e.g., safety, habitability). I’m interested in learning inputs from others on this topic though.

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