What is the average eviction cost?

I have lawyers here who say they do flat fee evictions for $750, but that is pretty steep considering our lot rents, then when I ask an hourly attorney, they never know, or can say, what typical costs are for an eviction.

Any ideas?

All depends on the state, $750 almost doesn’t cover all the various court filings costs in one state we operate (3 evictions in the last 3 years averaged about $2500 each)

$750 seems reasonable. We probably pay roughly $500 to $700 for a 1 hearing eviction and maybe more if we go to a second damages hearing.

You can do it for under $200 in many places if you do it yourself.

First, it depends on how the property is titled: Individual vs llc (or other) In Ohio, you can only file yourself if you own the property in your name. (filing yourself avoids the attorney fees) I have worked out a flat fee with our attorney.
Every jurisdiction is different, but you should be able to find out what the sunk costs are from the court’s website. You can hit $200 just in court fees alone (sunk costs). Also, don’t forget about the costs of the ‘set out’ if the bailiff actually has to come out.

In Indiana I do my own. They are around $125-$150 at the courthouse. That includes sheriff’s service.
That and some paperwork and a certified letter and incidentals is all it costs. Plus my time of course.

Thanks, everyone.

In my state, the law does not allow the individual to represent his own LLC. Ridiculous, but true, and I cant think of any creative loopholes to get around this.

I’m preparing for a park home pilot project in our new mountain community of factory-built homes. We sell larger homes and lots together in the first completed section of the community, but I’m considering the idea of leasing smaller park home lots using the typical MHC / RV park biz model in a different section.

The topic of evictions came up - wondering how these are handled when leasing the land to someone who buys/installs a small park home on a lot.

Same process as a normal rental home eviction? What usually happens to the home if they are evicted from the land? I assume the terms for the process are included in the lot lease agreement?

That’s a great tip, especially for anyone in Indiana!

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Real Estate Attorney here! A $750 flat fee for an attorney to handle an eviction is a steal! Most attorneys have an hourly rate between $280-400 and eviction actions are time-consuming. If you paid hourly, the legal fees would be in the thousands.

You can certainly do it yourself for less assuming you have the spare time and knowledge of the legal process!

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