What incentives so you have for someone to move a home in?

I got a call today from someone that wants to move a home into the park on a vacant lot. I want to provide free lot rent or reimburse her for some of the moving expenses, to get her to move it in. I’m curious what incentives other people are using?

We pay for the move, utility hookups, new skirting and a small deck (about $4,000 total). We are in markets where ‘nobody’ ever moves their home in. Assuming you are similar, that’s what I’d do. You might also pro-actively contact all the dealers in your area and let them know that you will move their clients into your park for free. Most of those homes are going onto land, but it’s worth a try.

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I have found that advertised “move -in” specials did not work nearly as well as I had anticipated…I was giving stuff (sheds/carports/decks/ paying transport) to people who were coming anyway. I never once heard “I was about to move my home to xyz park until I heard of your move-in special.”

I have found that once an interested party makes contact, ask them “what can I do to get you to move your home here?” It is at this juncture that I have arranged for welder repair work to facilitate MH move, pay for electrical service, skirting, ramp construction or some other item.

It seems to be not only money, but sharing contacts of competent tradesmen and paying the tradesmans bill.

I have spent approximately $1000 on such incentives. It works to land your prospects, it doesn’t make good ad copy.

We would offer a tenant, with photo evidence that the home is nice, a free move, with a total limit of maybe $3,000.

We post ads on craigslist, and signs at the property that we move homes for free.

This year we-

Turned 2 away in Nebraska- tenants did not qulaify

are moving one into one of our texas parks- this month yet

turned one away in our other texas park early this month, t was too long for our open space

So we get action- we moved- several last year, and I suspect we will move maybe 6 total this year- about 1 per park.