What do park manager get paid

will some help me,i just moved 5 min away from the park i lived in for 18yr.i managed it ofr the last 9yrs.i took care of everything in this park.i manage 2 parks,but this one everything other one just 46 lots no homes no road no grounds.well young guy dont want to give me more pay on the rent lost i took he wants me to still do same job less money even tho my lot now come in every month with rent in his pockets.dad sold to son,son is young guy running park on shoe string budget losing tenants daily when dad and i ran park we never had any empty lots no we got 6,

so can some one tell me what a good park manager would make doing everything but not living in park but 5 min away

i want something to go by i dont take checks in mail excuse but he does.if he cant come up with more pay then like i told him one time already take it shove it i work for 2 different owners but honest with both this young guy is unreal.in just moving i lost income but same job i do he gains income with me moving but dont what to up an pay.


what does a park manager make if they live on site are off site,per month now.i know someone knows this answer