What are you guys using to get park owner phone numbers?

I know people make a similar post from time to time but with technological advances and new startups I think it’s worth revisiting occasionally.

I have done the manual route where you go through county records to get the LLC member’s contact info. But some states don’t offer phone numbers or even individuals names. I have used the Parlay 2.0 service from Online Parcel Data & Shapefiles Solutions | ReportAll USA but that only gives park owners name and address. This is great, but I would then need another service to find the home phone number.

Has anyone tried white pages paid services or Manta.com?

I have bought lists from various companies with different success rates. But none that I would say I’m in love with. I don’t mind paying for a service if it’s really solid.

P.S. I am aware that some states offer all of this information for free online.

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There are a ton of services available. I use a handful described here.

The more serious (and accurate) services are usually subscription-based (eg, Transunion’s TLOxp) . Some services allow only one lookup at a time (eg, PeopleFinders). Others allow batch processing of hundreds of records at once (eg, MelissaData). Still others offer a hybrid solution (eg, Pipl.com).

Also, as a search primer, check out this article:

Couple of tips: 1) consider paying a virtual assistant from UpWork or somewhere similar to do this time-consuming task; 2) use a couple of services to triangulate and verify your results. I’ve found that each service has varying levels of data quality. Also, one service may provide you with one critical piece of data (eg, home address) while another provides an item that rounds out the profile (eg, cell phone).

If you learn of other services, I’d be interested in hearing about them as well.