What are best mobile home stairs?

What are the most cost-effective steps (stairs) for mobile homes?

For years, we’ve been making our own out of wood. For the steps themselves, we paint tread coat. We used to use outdoor carpet, but it doesn’t last and looks crummy after a couple years. Tread coat is paint. We can re-paint when it looks crummy.

The problem is that we spend too much money. We spend a lot making them, though it’s far cheaper than buying any set we’ve found so far. Each set has to be made custom to fit the exact height of the specific mobilehome. Then, we often have to repair them after a few years due to dry rot or warping. And, we re-paint the rails & sides white every 3 years or so, and the tread coat as needed.

We’ve looked at the Dura Grip II BOCA steps online. But, with rails two sets are $1,081.00, and with $440.00 shipping to Southern California, they’re $1,522.00. Our budget is more like $400.00 to $600.00 per set, ideally. We spend $400.00 to build a set, but then we have the ongoing maintenance I’ve mentioned. So, we’re wondering what other parks do and if there are better solutions.

I’m thinking that some park owners have found a better solution. What are your favorite steps? Where do you buy them? Is there a source in or near Southern California so we can spend less on shipping?

I build wood stair and decks as you describe. Either pressure treated or cedar. It is best to use a stain rather than paint. The stain does not peel like paint and is easily recoated.
We do not rent homes, we sell and never need to do maintenance.


Greg is right.
We have our deck guy build decks and steps from treated lumber.
The fiberglass steps are about the same price and last a fraction of the time.

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Just so you have something to gauge pressure treated lumber against regular lumber:

I put pressure treated 2x4s in the ground between my lawn and a brick porch 15 years ago. They get hit with the sprinklers 3 times a week during summer. It amazes me that I don’t see any sign of deterioration on them at all. They cost about twice that of regular lumber but they will last much much longer.

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