What about the economy?

New here. Expecting to purchase my 1st park within the next few months. Been reading posts & have a question:

Exactly what terrible future economic events should stop me from purchasing? For example, employment taxes? New laws? I’m probably being too general, but that is how it is when you don’t know anything.

I plan to purchase in southwest Florida.

Also, if something says, “Zoned for redevelopment”, should that be a red flag?

Boy you can tell it is raining in CA today, because I am spending to much time on the forum.

Redevelopment is a site specific term and could be different depending on state and county development plans. You could have a multitude of options like re-zoning. There could also be special funds available for redevelopment. Go ask the local planning authorities where this property is located what your options are or better yet what they would like to see done with the property.


When someone says they are going to buy in a very specific location like