Western WA Owners - Lets Chat

I’ve been asked to have a question and answer lecture on different day to day operations and issues.

Meeting to be in Auburn WA, a networking experience for owners / managers to get ideas on improvements and operations problems, to find help to improve your park. This is a free community event open to the public.

Intended dates of meetings will be mid October and after Thanksgiving.

Both will be in Auburn - if you are looking for consulting help before then, contact me at mhpstrategist@gmail.com 253-632-1846 BarbraM

I will post in replies when I have date and location sorted out.

Hi Barb, I’m interested in going. How many people do you have going so far? What days-time is it scheduled for? FYI, I’m only available Mondays-Thursday’s due to my work schedule.

Kennydale Renton area

Hi @BarbraM I’d be interested as well if schedule worked out. We don’t own a park yet but putting things in place to buy our first. We are in Kirkland. Thanks!

Would a Monday or Tuesday evening work? I have room for about 20 people.

wonderful, i’m still nailing down dates and times, are there any better dates and times that work for you?

If closer to home for me Kirkland/Bellevue/Redmond, then I can likely work out a weekday evening or even a lunch time thing. If further away, then more likely would need to be a weekend. I can be a tough schedule, unfortunately, but let’s see what works out. Thanks very much for coordinating!

I’d be interested in attending as well