Western Pa MHP

I am in contract to buy a 100 lot park in SW PA near Morgantown, WV. It’s on city water/sewer, and all resident owned homes. Test ad generated 400 calls in 60 days, of which 300 were for rental, and 100 were for purchase. Regional economy is historically coal based and slowly declining population, but there are some signs of light with nat gas. Though the local town is pop 10,000, the 20 mi radius population is 215,000, and 40 mi radius population is 1.3 million. Lot rents in low/mid $200’s/mo. Little to no new res construction in the area. Here’s my question: despite the soft immediate area economy and population count, there is large regional population and good test ad response. Is this enough to justify proceeding? Plan is to own long term and ride wave of lot fill and expansion upside. I have another park an hour away, and may share a manager. Thank you for your help!