Well House Building Design for Very cold Northern Climate

Greetings Fellow Park Owners,

Question for those of you who have Well Houses or have experience with them:

I’m in the process of acquiring a park in Northern Maine (brutally cold winters). The park is serviced by a well. The expansion tank, chlorinator etc. is currently housed in the basement of a single family home on the property.

I want to separate the well components from the house in case I decide to sell the house in the future. I know absolutely nothing about building a well house and I’m curious if any of you could provide examples or guidance on how to build a super insulated well house for this purpose.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts, wisdom and opinions!


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We own in NH and VT. For the most part our well houses are fiberglass between the studs and a layer of rigid foam on top of that. We have a mix of electric baseboard and through-the-wall heater/ac (more treatment equipment in that one so we keep it controlled Year round). I bought one this year that just has a pressure tank in a small insulated well house and the guy just turned a heat lamp on. We have one we don’t use the heat source and just wrap the pipes in heat tape and insulate that way.

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Thank you for the advice! Much appreciated.

I like the idea of using heat tape.

Are these structures typically the size of a shed? Do you use a standard exterior door for access to them? I’m just trying to imagine what they look like.

Thanks again for being willing to share.

Three examples for you. Two are “shed-like”. If I were building new I’d do a real exterior door and metal roof. These work fine for what they are. There’s nothing fancy in them. The third is the tan structure which is a pre-build insulated concrete well house. That’s got a lot more equipment in there so it’s much heavier duty. $25,000 used I believe (empty of course).

Not sure if you were already planning on doing this but I’d reach out to a local well driller/well service tech to get a consult on moving the components.

We have electric heat in our well houses. There’s already power running to the well houses bc of the pumps so it’s easy to put in