Welcome Letter from new mgt

I’ve leaned on many of you guys (Frank Rolfe, Jefferson and Brad, etc.) for at least a year now… figured it was time to pay it forward now that I have my first park and have learned a lot (still learning obviously). But when the subject of writing a “Welcome Letter” - announcing the change in management - came up, I had a hard time finding something that was upbeat. Most of the CRE examples I found online ended quite negative: “we have strict rent collection policies”, “no dogs”, no this, no that… so I tried to craft one that was more positive. I hope this helps those searching for something similar.

  • Sam

Dear Residents,

This is a letter of introduction regarding the purchase of _Mobile Home Park.
LLC" will be taking over the operations of the
park as of Friday, May 6th 2016.

We are eager to keep the park in great condition and continue to operate it as efficiently, and with as
much pride, as the prior owner in recent years. There may be
areas to further improve the park going forward and we will look to take those
opportunities as they emerge.

In the weeks ahead our property management company (___________Realty Group) will make their
introductions and work with you on updating expired lease agreements and share
our “Rules and Regulations”. From this point forward, __________Realty
Group will handle rent collections, address any maintenance issues and field
any questions or concerns you might have in the future. We are excited
for this new chapter for the park and look forward to implementing some of our
ideas such as a website, referral fees and cash incentives for introducing the
park to friends and family, etc.

While you may not notice much of change with new management, one item that must be noted of course is
the updated instructions for paying rent. Please see below regarding how
and where to direct your rental payments for June.

Thank you.



Please Make Rent Checks payable

____ MHP, LLC

We will accept only checks or money orders (no cash).

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So thank you @frankrolfe and @Jefferson and @BradJohnson for all your feedback in this forum in the last year or two… and best of luck to all the new park owners out there!

I want to thank you for this post! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I close on my first mobile home park in two weeks, and I wanted to get started on the right foot with the residents. Thank you!