Websites for searching micro homes

What websites do you use for searching micro homes? I can’t find any

Welcome to the MHU Forum @Arni . We focus 99% of our conversations on Mobile Home Parks and the various items associated with them. We have had some high level threads about tiny homes or other variants, but that’s as far as it goes.

Given that these have a higher cost per square foot than mobile homes most existing Park Owners do not look at these as a viable alternative to fill their vacant pads.

In my mind it’s an interesting hypothetical conversation that only works in specific markets where zoning allows it. I am curious if anyone out there is in this niche and making comparable returns with these homes.

I am advertising for Tiny Houses to come into my park, but no luck so far. I really think this movement has legs and I’d like to have them as residents. 4 is the maximum number I am allowed to have.

I have talked to several TH enthusiasts in Denver and it seems those two demographics don’t intersect. TH folks don’t want to be associated with mobile home parks resident. Initially my plan was to buy MHP and convert it to TH, too. Best of luck!
– vilas

Yeah, I had a feeling there might be a disconnect between the two demographics. It is a pity, too, because TH owners could do a lot to upgrade the image of parks.

What I can make of the TH “movement” is it is a hipster fad. I just don’t see those types willing to go slumming in a trailer park.

I saw a thread on Bigger Pockets yesterday of an investor looking to fund new construction of a Tiny Home Park (THP) in California. It was an uninformed slam piece why they think TH’s are better than Mobile Homes and why the two don’t mix. Underneath the ridiculous narrative they’re just looking for people who are passionate about Tiny Homes and have lots of money to throw away.

There are very few people who will have an intelligent discussion about reasonably addressing the risks with the segment, such as:

  • Most are not built to a construction standard beyond local code (much like pre-HUD MH’s).

  • The cost of these per square foot is nearly double a mobile home in many markets.

  • These being on a trailer chassis are much easier to move than a mobile home (e.g. increased management, marketing, etc to keep the Park full).

  • Difficulty insuring them for fire loss and being stuck with a renter’s policy for contents only.

  • A poorly managed property is a blight on the city irrespective the type of structures. Why are THP’s any different and why should a city care and grant special zoning?

  • How is the risk building a THP not commensurate to MHP’s being built after Hurricane Katrina and for the Fracking bust?

It seems people like this and are “doing this for the cause” hoping to make some money as part of the process, but it’s Pandora’s Box this early.