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I’m getting designed a better website and am considering buying some keywords with Google and Yahoo! to drive traffic to my website. The YellowBook and AT&T Yellow Pages people also have programs whereby they buy the keyword advertising for you with Google and Yahoo.

Should I even bother? Is it possible to attract mobile home buyers (and renters) through a website? And by buying keywords? If so, how much should I spend each month with Google and Yahoo? What are the best keywords to buy, and how do you get only local people in your area to see your keyword purchases?

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Jefferson, I have a website for my MHP and I believe it has helped to fill some lots and sell some homes, but, I don’t think it has ever brought in business. I find it most effective to advertise in local publications and of course use signage and be sure to include the web address on all advertisements.

On my website, I include pics of home, lots of info, leases, application(on PDF format) and anything else I can think of. Basically, I’m trying to aim at the customer who wants to know all of the details. Secondly, I want to let people see what it is…I used to get lots of calls from people who wanted to know if it was a motor home?..a modular home?..a trailer house?

Hi Jefferson -

Internet marketing is something I know a bit about and learning more every week. How it will affect your MH business I don’t know, but I can answer some of your questions. If you want more help feel free to message me directly…

My personal experience in buying ads is so far limited to Google, but I think the Yahoo program is very similar.

When you run ads through Google, you can specify which geographic area to target. In addition, you will get better results by using more specific, or what is know as “long tail” keywords. In other words, rather than use a keyword phrase like Mobile Home Park - include your area in the keyword phrase. The more specific the phrase, the better your result will be. You won’t get as many Clicks, but the Clicks you do get will be more targeted. This will allow you to set your ad budget High - Google will never reach your limit.

So, a good keyword phrase might be something like:

“mobile home park Gary Indiana”

“buy mobile homes Gary Indiana”

“mobile homes for sale Gary Indiana” etc.

By including your location in the keyword search, as well as limiting your ads to people within your area, you will spend less on ads, with greater results.

Best of luck to you in your business!

James Hagarty

Surrey, B.C.


I don’t know how a website will affect your business but I have found it useful for posting photos of homes for people to preview, if nothing else. I don’t even have my own website. I just post on MHVillage and have my own page there. Feel free to check it out at

I love Shawn Sisco’s idea above of having all your forms online that people can print out and bring in.

That’s what little I know about the subject,



If you are looking to find prospective tenants for your lots/buyers for your homes I would use Craigslist (if your area is big enough for significant online traffic) and your local Thrifty Nickel, Pennysaver or Greensheet. This combo will bring you in great results.

I would have your MHP website provide a map, details of your MHP including USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions… i.e. why a person should look at your MHP instead of another MHP), contact information, pics/details of homes, etc.


Personally buying ads from Google or where ever is a waste of money. Think like a tenant. If I wanted to find a “Home” to rent.

Where would I look?

Craig’s list has gained the favor of both Landlords and tenants.

I suggest using this free resource. To post professional ads try

another free service Postlets.

I do several things when I have a unit to rent.

1.) Hang my shingle… IOW’s put my For Rent sign out on the front of my property.

2.) Place a craigs list ad using my postlets

3.) Place a newspaper ad in the most used paper by tenants to rent a home. For me in Long Beach CA that paper is a free (to the readers yes it costs for the ad) paper the grunion gazette.

Your mileage will vary depending on your area and what people in your area use. These three types of ad’s cover me pretty well.

Back to keywords. I have found a way to bring up whatever page

I have to offer by writing the page within the confines of Googles acceptable use limits. This entails naming directories with the keywords in them. Using keywords in the Page Title, in the headline of the page and using keywords in the first paragraph as well as the entire first page for best results.

For your keywords in your meta tags. You have to be careful not to “Stuff the keywords” or the google bots will kick your page out of page rankings.