Website Maintenance

Hi all,

I just wanted to let everyone know that tonight at 10pm Pacific Time, we will be upgrading our forum to a brand new system that has more features and is more user friendly on mobile phones and browsers. Any posts after that time will not be carried over. You will also get an automated email with a new temporary password. We have to generate these because the new system will bring over your accounts but not your passwords. Feel free to change them after you receive them. Thank you all for being part of our community!

Brandon Reynolds



Hi all,Welcome to the new forum! You should have received an email with a new password. Use the information in that email to login into your account. Feel free to change your password after you get logged in. I hope you enjoy this new updated system! Let us know of any other questions.Sincerely,Brandon ReynoldsPresidentMobileHomeUniversity(855) 879-2738

The new comments are not highlighted like they used to be.

We now have a yellow box that shows the number of new comments on a topic.

I do not think that feature is working?

BWK: you need to sign in to see it. I thought this new system to be pretty crappy until I signed in and saw the new features turn on. I think it will be pretty good.

you have to be signed in to post,
the new features are not working for me and I would assume some others as well.
I just need to see some difference on new posts.
Also text is real slow when I type.
I have tried XP IE8 and Win7 IE11
Everything worked fine before the upgrade on both computers.

bwk,I am not exactly sure why these would’t work. My best guess would be the browser you are using. IE has many problems with javascript and css and that could be the source of the problem. Can you try with either firefox or google chrome and see if that fixes the problems?

It does work in chrome,but IE is by far the most popular browser

bwk,Actually, since about 2012, chrome has been the most popular browser, followed by firefox. The issue is IE doesn’t support certain web standards and therefore, some features must be disabled to still support the basic functionally in IE. Sorry about that.