Website hosting company for Luddites

I am building my new website and have purchased a domain name. A buddy suggested I have do the actual hosting so I signed up with them. Problem is that I understand next to nothing about building a website and I don’t find hostgator very user-friendly. Hate to admit this but I am a Luddite from Silicon Valley and I really need to find another hosting company better suited to idiots. Can anyone recommend a hosting company with tutorials simple enough for me to follow? I want to do this myself so that I can manage and change it as I see fit down the road. Not looking to build anything fancy and I envision a site with no more than 5-6 pages.


Rolf the Internet Idiot

Wheat Hill

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If you want to keep things simple, look into something like Wix or Squarespace. You don’t really need any expertise or know how to code in order to use it. They’re pretty much “drag and drop.” If you want more options and flexibility (and a little more of a learning curve) wordpress is a good choice that also doesn’t require a lot of expertise. I prefer wordpress because you can do more to customize the site to how you want to look, but the others are probably more up your alley if you just want a simple 5-6 page site.

Hey Rolf, did you ever sell your park in OH?

Hey Rolk,

I’ve been in the mobile home industry as a marketer since 2014 and built numerous websites.

Best suggest is to do this…

  1. Namecheap hosting or Godaddy (I know people don’t like godaddy but for tiny sites it’s fine).

  2. You want wordpress hosting (you can grow into it). Wordpress has enough for basic sites and has enough thrid party plugins so that you can grow into it if you need more resources

  3. If you aren’t paying anyone to help you design it, I’d then suggest spending a couple hundred bucks on Elegant Themes (Divi) theme builder and instal it into wordpress to make it “easy” to build.

As ya know any time you embark on doing something yourself it will be a pain in the butt. But if you got the time to learn that’s the most bang for your buck. (I unintentionally rhymed there…your welcome haha)