Web marketing help

We used to run a full page ad in a local magazine that catered specifically to mobile home buyers. They went out of business, and our leads dried up considerably.

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I’m turning to web marketing to fill the void, although I should have been doing a better job of this all along.

For those who have had success in this area, what keywords have you found useful in reaching our target market (cash-strapped buyer with shaky credit). In other words, putting yourself in the position of a buyer who is going to do a google search, what would you type in? A few ideas that pop into my head are:

  • Bad credit

  • Bankruptcy

  • mobile homes

  • trailer park

  • manufactured homes

  • finance

  • handyman special

  • low down payment

  • low monthly payment

  • cheap, inexpensive, etc

  • list of local cities, counties, etc.