Weather issues in parks

So how much snow can a mobile home roof withstand? What is the park owner’s responsibility to clear off roofs of park owned homes?

Mobile homes are built to withstand the wind and snow load for 3 zones. If you (or the previous owner) did your jobs correctly, then only appropriately constructed mobile homes were installed in your park, and you should have nothing to worry about. Of course, mobile homes are ‘mobile’ and a home may have been moved from a lesser-load area to a higher-load area.

I believe these are the current regulations and map on snow:

BTW, here is the same for wind:

You should ask your local MHA in what wind and snow zone your park is. Then you can check your VINs to make sure your homes are appropriate for your zone. If so, I’d not bother with removing snow, unless you get snow of Biblical proportions.

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Interesting; I don’t recall any mention of blizzards in the Bible, gonna have to look that one up!

Never heard of Snowmageddon?

Kevmar -

Think of snow as a really cold flood. Floods are definitely in the Bible.



When you lease a home, most state law say it must be habitable. Thus, it should be able to withstand general weather conditions where it sits. Now if a once in a generation snowfall causes the rough to cave in, you’d have a good argument that this was an unforseeable Act of God and not be liable. General Liability insurance should cover you if you are found liable - unless you have a habitability exclusion like some carriers are trying to add on these days - Watch for those!