We have more cars than the park can handle

There is a two car limit in our park. Some tenants have three vehicles, however, most have four, five, or more. Our community was designed for two only cars, and the rental agreement states that there is a two car limit. Prior management did not enforce the rule, and now the excess cars are out of control.

In addition, quite a few tenants are storing inoperable cars in their carports (which we are addressing), or they are parking their excess vehicles on their landscaping – a definite violation of the rules. We are implementing a 24-hour off street parking rule that takes effect 4/1/21. Our tenants are upset, and we understand that it is going to be a painful process for everyone while they adjust to the new rule. With that said, we are making a concerted effort to clean up the park and identify who owns the extra vehicles. Everyone is being required to register their vehicles or risk having them towed.

We are an all-age community, and we recognize that there are families with children who need their vehicles. We have recommended that they park their extra vehicles behind the park, where parking is available on both sides of the street and they are not interfering with neighboring homes. It is a bit of a walk back to the park, and there is the issue of their cars being more exposed by not being parked inside the community. It is a tough situation all around.

Have some of you dealt with similar situations? How did you manage the transition?

I have the same issue. I issue two parking permits per house and if other vehicles are on premises overnight they are subject to towing at owner’s expense. Tenants are adults who are aware of the terms of the contract when they move in. I do expect them to follow those terms just like they expect me to follow my obligations and maintain my property. It goes both ways. I do not have available alternative parking.

@Jsmith how do you enforce, do you have a relationship with a local towing company that comes around, or do you post notices prior to doing that?

If you have a 2 car limit then give them a couple warnings and tow if need be. Cars all over the street and yards is trashy.

Yes, we have a relationship with a towing company that previously monitored our midnight to 6am off-street parking rule. Today is the first day for 24-hour off-street parking. We have already towed two cars, and there will most likely be more until our tenants realize that we are serious about cleaning up our community.

I haven’t had to tow any of them yet. I send a text first and that is as far as I’ve had to go so far… Step two is a bright orange tag on the windshield. Third would be towing if I would have to go that far.

Enforcing parking is really important for order and safety. A two-car rule might pose challenges, but it’s vital for everyone’s benefit as it’s already written on agreement

Well… if it’s in the lease than it’s in the lease. Send notices, post on doors. We started by towing out any car with expired tabs. Things got better quickly.

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Another option is to charge a premium for extra cars. This will show who really doesn’t need the extra cars.

If it is in the lease that all residents are restricted to two vehicles it is not a option to charge a premium. That would be a violation of the resident lease to charge a premium for extra vehicles. The park owner would first have to remove the vehicle restriction and modify it to charge a premium.
Being a park owner does not give you the authority to have your cake and eat it too.
When a park owner does not have the fortitude to inforce their lease they need to scrap their leases. Either you have rules or you don’t.