Waterproof Heat Tape?

Hello, I own an older park in Ohio. I have noticed that as I get ready for winter, some of the crocks around my water lines have some standing water in them, especially after a heavy rain. I’m told that I need to put tile in but was wondering if I had a better, less expensive alternative to ensure that the some of my water lines don’t freeze. We’ve had a ton of rain this year and I know that the water table is high, but I don’t like water standing around my lines. I spoke with the plumber I use and he told me not to be too concerned and that it was probably just surface water. I know a lot of the other crocks have water sitting down in them and they haven’t frozen in the past. Does anyone know of a waterproof heat tape that I could run further down the line to prevent freezing or any other method that I can use to procect my water lines? Any help or insight is appreciated.