Water well filters for individual mobile homes?

I’m looking to see if any park owners have experience with installing filter systems in individual mobile homes for on well water?

I would like to further improve the park water.

I’ve done it in situations where a small number of homes have the issue — pay up front for a whole house sediment filter with install and make sure the tenants know it’s on them to change the filter every six months.
If you’re filtering out anything except sediment though I’d probably recommend doing it at the system level.

If the park is small, i.e., less than ten spaces, then a whole house filter on each Unit could make sense.
Check out:

If the park has more than ten spaces, treating the entire park is more cost-effective.
We got a quote for an RO system for our 100-space park; We are still in the bidding process, but I expect the final price to be about $50,000 installed with permits, etc.

Here are some good resources.

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