Water usage skyrockets in the summer

We have a park without sub-metered water. We get three bills/month for 30 homes. Each meter serves 10 homes. In the winter all of the bills are the same but in the summer one of the bills triples and is over twice the other bills. We have had a plumber do simple repairs in all of the homes such as flappers, leaky faucets, etc. We have also checked the main lines and have no leaks. We have had two separate plumbers bid for sub-metering the water; both of whom gave bids of $1000-1200 per site because the water line they have to tie into is under the houses.

How is the best way to get the water bill under control?

There was recently a lengthy thread about this same topic here: Locating water leaks

Good luck.

Your plumbers are royally ripping you off. Many of the water meter billing companies have plumbers that will give you a much better deal, or do it yourself or have a handyman do it.

Retrofitting for private sub-meters rarely is more than $200. However if you were to install individual meters through your municipal water supplier the price can easily exceed $1000.

Please e-mail me about your specifics, we have been in the sub-metering business for over 20 years, and I am always available to answer sub-metering questions.
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