Water Usage in Parks

I am working with the State of Colorado DPHE to determine the flow per unit in a mobile home park. My contentions are that newer homes use a lot less water than older homes and that the demographics of the world are such that many mobile homes are occupied by single individuals and the families in the park are getting smaller. The state’s response was Prove it. The data from my three parks tells me that the flow in new homes is just a little over a third of the flow in old homes. I have a lot fewer total residents in my parks than I had 20 years ago. I now have a lot of single people living in my houses.

Now, the point of my Discussion. Does anyone have data that they would be willing to share. This data would be at least three years worth of water meter readings for houses in a park. I would like to have data per lot including flow, age of house, and number of people living in the house. I would like to correlate all three items.

I’d be more than happy to input the data into my spread sheet and share with you all of the data. I’m trying to show that the numbers used by the state (300 gpd/per lot) are way too high. The Numbers that I am coming up with are around 120 gpd/per lot. You can see the savings to be had by a reduced design flow.


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I do not have three years of data…… but for what it’s worth anecdotally, 40 units, avg 2 ppl per unit, 75% of the units are post-1995. 150 gpd average. Located in the northeast. All new water lines as of 2019.

Richard - Metron Sustainable Services is based out of Colorado and could likely provide data on water usage for Colorado. Maybe that would help you. Try getting in touch with Chris or Gary.

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Thanks for the info.